4 Hacks That Make Your Reception Space Perfect In a Customized Fashion

 Being able to find a wedding venue in Houston that answers your wants, while remaining in your budget, can be tough. The décor itself crosses out many options. This is because most wedding venues and reception halls have a set décor for an occasion. This then rules out adding your customizations. However, there are also many inexpensive wedding venues in Houston that provide customizable options. Thus, opting for them makes your wedding more personal.

In this blog, we shall be talking about 4 great hacks to help you customize your wedding reception to make it more personal and attractive. All these hacks work seamlessly without requiring extra costs or requirements. All you have to do is to think from the guests’ point of view. There are some affordable wedding venues in Houston that allow you to incorporate your own ideas and their design experts will work on them to give you the perfect wedding reception space.

Here are 4 great wedding space hacks for you:


One of the most primary concerns for any couple about to be hitched is to be able to find a wedding venue that is perfect for the number of guests invited. A reception venue seems either too small or too large. Well, when this is the situation, it is suggested to go for a larger venue and then make the most of the space with decorations to give it a personal touch. You can use floor coverings or furniture to designate separate areas. You can think of setting up buffets and drink stations in a spread-out fashion so that people can move around. There are many wedding venues in Houston that have customizable décor options. Their expert designers will help you in turning the spacious interior into a cozy wedding space.

    1. INCORPORATE Themes

Themes are what make a wedding unique. And the primary aspect of a theme is color. However, it is very much possible that you may run into a wedding reception hall whose décor colors clash with those of your intention. And this can be really irritating. However, instead of chalking out the venue itself, find out ways of how you can create a contrasting décor using the hall’s color. For this, what you can do is think about incorporating them in minute ways, like in the napkins, centerpieces and flowers too. Many inexpensive wedding venues in Houston let you add your own choice of flowers and beautiful centerpieces and make your wedding theme more attractive and gorgeous.


This is a very underrated aspect of a wedding reception hall. Many such halls try to make the event look special by putting patterned carpets. This pulls the concentration of the guests downwards to the floor. But you don’t want that, do you? So what you can do is get rid of them. Or better still, opt for attractive centerpieces that your guests will look up to. As a matter of fact, many affordable wedding venues in Houston provide table covers and chair linens that make them much more royal and suit a wedding.


This is a great way to customize your wedding. You can have images showing memories of you and your beloved along with the friends and family especially of those who have been invited. After all, people love to search for themselves in old pictures. There are many wedding venues in Houston that provide high-quality projectors and large projector screens to make your memories larger than life while making sure that your guests are entertained to the fullest.

Making sure that your guests do not feel bored is very important. These 4 hacks will help you customize your wedding reception space perfectly.

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